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They're more than luxury candles; they are the ULTIMATE mood setters!


JOHNSTON + EICHER produces the finest quality premium luxury candles. We hand-pour every candle using a proprietary soy and wax blend and infuse them with high-quality luxury fragrances and can scent a room within minutes!

  • Choose between our Bougie Luxury Collection or our Highly Fragrant Line.

  • Hand Poured in a Beautiful Heavy Glass Vessel

  • The Highest Quality of Oils and Fragrances are Used

  • Crafted and Hand Poured in the U.S.A.

  • Perfect for gifting! Housewarming gifts, birthdays, parties, and holidays!

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The JOHNSTON + EICHER started with the finer things in life.  We’ve traveled to many parts of the world, such as North and South America, Central, and Western Europe, and parts of Africa.  We have been fortunate enough to stay in some of the finest hotels, see some of the world's most famous locales and world heritage sites, and taste some of the finest food these locations have to offer. World cultures, art, music, and languages are major influences in our life.

We’ve chosen to embark on our new journey with a line of scented candles that have been specially curated from our experiences abroad.  We performed a scent lab market research exercise to refine our selections to create the Bougie Candle Collection which consists of five luxurious fragrances. 

We recognized that fragrances we love make us happy because a powerful sensory experience stimulates our brain. And this positively affects our mood by making us more relaxed, calm, focused, excited, passionate, or simply feel like having fun. As fragrance fanatics, we know that every day is a better day when our space is enhanced with an amazing scented candle!

At the end of the day, we have developed a product that is enjoyed around the world and can bring peace, relaxation, happiness, and joy to a space. 

By supporting our business, we give back to the communities and people we serve here in St. Louis by generously donating to charities and causes nearest our hearts. 


In 2022 we have made cash donations to The BiOME School for underprivileged children and the St. Louis Mullen Foundation, which generously supported Needy Paws Rescue, Home Sweet Home, Arch City Defenders, and Project Backpack.

These aren’t just any candles; they are the ULTIMATE experience!


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