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Fall & Winter Collection
Highly Fragrant Candles

They're more than candles; they are the ULTIMATE mood setters!


Finally, a candle line that can scent a room within minutes! Introducing our Highly Fragrant Candles. They are designed for those who love a stronger scent or have a larger space to fill.  We use more high-quality fragrances than most other brands.  And our fragrances, wicks, and soy/wax blend all work perfectly together to give you the perfect amount of fragrance (scent throw).

Below is our 2022 Fall & Winter Collection.  We are bringing the aromas of your kitchen spices and nature to this year's collection.

  • 14 Ounces

  • 3-Wick Candle

  • Silver Decorative Lid

  • Burns 45+ Hours (depending on how you care for your candles)

  • Hand Poured in a Beautiful Heavy Glass Vessel

  • The Highest Quality Oils & Fragrances Are Used

  • Sourced, Crafted, and Hand-Poured in the U.S.​A.

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