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About Us: Our Candles & Fragrances

We have been traveling the world for over 20 years. We love to dive deep into other cultures and learn, experience, eat and even smell our way through places we have ventured. Our travels has taken us to countries such as Spain, Egypt, Italy, Vienna, France, Wales, Ireland, Great Britain, Mexico, Costa Rica, and many, many more destinations and tons of unique experiences. We decided that we should curated some of our favorite fragrances to remind us of our travels far and wide.

When we first started collecting scent samples, we probably went through hundreds of scents before narrowing it down to the top 20-30. This is where our friends come into play. The scent labs were set up and over the course of the blind labs, we had people pick their top fragrances. We scaled the scents on a scale to 1 to 5 (1 being a the most masculine scent, to a 5 being the most flowery scent). The participants ended up picking the cream of the crop fragrances for our first signature line called our "Bougie Candle Line".

We wanted to create THE BEST fragrant candle possible at a great price point. Here's what was important to us;

  • The absolute best fragrances are used in our candles.

  • Our wax is a soy/wax blend.

  • It's made/hand-poured in the United States.

  • Has slow and long burn times. 70+ hours or more.

  • Soot free.

  • 100% cotton wicks.

  • Offer an 11 ounce candle. While most luxury lines offer 6-9 ounces, and pricing starts at $50+'s ours signature "Bougie Candle Line" is 11 ounces for $38.

  • We believe in supporting our community and giving back to those in need.

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