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Creating That Special Moment on Valentine's Day

Plan ahead for Valentine's Day and create YOUR special moment. Order online and take 15% off your order, plus FREE shipping! Now through February 14th, 2022. Use code Valentines15Off during check out. Just put the code into the promotion box to get your discount.

Valentine’s Day is all about showing the one you love just how much they mean to you. Whether you’re on trading gifts, or having a dinner out, or even a few cocktails together. Here are a few of our favorite tips on how to make their Valentine’s Day just a little more memorable ;).

1) It's the thought that counts, right? YES! Your partner always wants to know that you are thinking of them. A simple act like leaving a handwritten card than the typical box of chocolates or a generic "love you" card. Suprise them with a subscription to something they would enjoy monthly. Perhaps a candle subscription to a candle fragrance that would best fit them?

2) Plan Ahead and Think About It. Think what fragrance would fit them the best? It's not about you, but them. Do they like fragrent, sweet or are they a more earthy type of person?

3) Tell them how you feel. Saying "Say I Love You" - don't just write it down, tell them :). Everyone wants to hear it no matter what age you are.

4) Show Off Your Gift. Make their Valentine’s Day surprise gram-worthy. Everyone will post the same pictures on Instagram and Facebook. We'll see the newsfeeds flooded with pictures of flowers, food, and chocolates. Be creative on what you gift... make it something pretty enough to be on Instagram or Facebook. SHOW IT OFF! If your partner if the "flower kind of person", you can’t go wrong with traditional roses, just know you will spend a lot more money than needed ;).

Remember, when you do share your Valentine's moment let us celebrate with you by tagging us on Instagram @Johnston_Eicher #JohnstonEicher.

Use promotion code Valentines15Off at check out.

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