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How to Care For Your Candles

Here's a great video provided by Candles Off Main that shows how to use a wick dipper... my FAVORITE way of putting my candles out.

There are so many different ways how people care for their candles. Did you know there is a correct way of doing this? People say all of the time "it's just a candle"! However if you spend money on a luxury item such as a car or bedding etc. you take better care of things that cost a bit more. Same with a candle.... and you will get more life out of it! There are some steps you should be taking if you want to keep your candles in tip-top shape—and most of them are easy to incorporate into your routine.


How to take care of your candles

1 Make sure your candle burns evenly the first time you use it or it could start tunneling. Let it burn long enough for the wax to melt all the way across the top of the candle (that's called the wax pool). If you don’t, your candle could end up with a rim of solid wax that never ends up melting and that is called tunneling. If you want to extend the max life of your candle, it’s important to let it burn evenly before you put it out. Jason Johnston, owner of JOHNSTON + EICHER., says this process should take at least 1 hour. After the first burn, let your candle burn for about 3 to 4 hours at a time. A lot of people make the mistake of not letting their candles burn long enough or too long. If you don't burn them long enough then your candle can start tunneling. Also, if you have a fragrant candle, the fragrance is emitted through the wax pool. You have to have a good wax pool to get the max scent throw throughout your location. If the wax pool gets too hot it could damage the fragrances/oils in the wax and make them not as effective or have a slight burned smell. So don't leave them lit more than 3 to 4 hours!

2 Keep your candle and candle care kits clean of debris. After using your candle a few times, there maybe some debris have started to accumulate inside the container. Clean all debris out as soon as you see it. This could cause the candle to overheat, creating a flashover, or when the candle’s entire surface lights on fire. 3 Keep Your Wick Trimmed! This is important! To achieve a clean, even burn, you’ll want to make sure your candle’s wick is the right length. Before lighting your candle, make sure it's not too long. If it’s longer than the recommended 0.25 inches, use a wick trimmer to neatly trim it. Be sure NOT TO CUT THE WICK TOO SHORT as it may go out once the wax pool develops. Don’t let your wick mushroom! Have you ever seen a candle wick topped with something that looks like a small burnt piece of popcorn? This is called a mushroom. Be sure to remove mushrooms from your wick before relighting your candle. Otherwise, you may end up with a very large, smoky flame. When you go to trim your wick, look for mushrooms and remove them. Then relight your candle.

4 Don't Make A Mess When Putting Your Candle Out! Avoid making a mess. Don't blow out your candle as this can cause wax to go all over the place. On your furniture, on you, and overall makes a sloppy appearance. Make sure you have one of two tools to use. Invest in a snuffer or a wick dipper.

5 Stop Using Your Candle Before It Runs Out. If you let your candle burn all the way down, it could overheat its container—which could cause a problem, create a mess, or both. Most candle experts recommend discontinue using the candle while there’s still 0.5 inches of wax left in it. You can repurpose the container. Be creative.... perhaps a flower vase, an orchid pot, a makeup brush holder, or even a drinking glass.

6 Store Your Candles Properly Did you know that candles can expire over time? They lose their fragrance, they can change color, dry out etc. Make sure you store you candles in a cool, dark and place when you are not using them frequently. I recommend storing candles at room temperature in dry environment and make sure you use them within 12 months.

My Favorite Way to Blow Out A Candle

Blowing out a candle can cause extra smoke, resulting in soot marks to line your ceiling. Germs can also cling to the top of your candle. "The best way to stop your candle is to use a candle dipper. It's a little metal instrument that allows you to dip the wick into the candle wax and move it upright. The wick is now coated in the wax, which extends the burn of your candle.

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